Worlds of Puppets

Location: The National Theater of Iceland

Who is Hildur M. Jonsdottir

Hildur M. Jonsdottir

Hildur M. Jonsdottir co-founder and executive director of Worlds of Puppets contains a wide experience and recognition as a producer and project manager.

Hildur studied both Business and economics and Psychology at the University of Iceland. Hildur has worked both as a therapist in the field of Psychology and as a counselor for small businesses and in personal development.

Hildur administered and supervised the development of The Center for Puppetry Arts in Borgarnes, Iceland. She has produced most of the shows that Worlds of Puppets has put on stage and is the main project manager for various international and national projects that the company participates in.

Awards and Recognition

  • The pioneer of West Iceland
  • Best business plan for “The Bank of Health”
  • Gríman – the Icelandic Theater Rewards for the production of the show Gilitrutt

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