Worlds of Puppets

Location: The National Theater of Iceland

What does Worlds of Puppets stand for?


Nothing can replace the intimacy between performer and audience, and the medium of the Puppet as the communicational link between them. Something extraordinary seems to take place in a successful Puppet show.

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Focusing on Theater, Bernd returned to the movies in 2003, as the Puppet Master for the epic Marionette-movie Strings. The techniques developed for, and the experience gained from these and other TV related projects have led Figura and his trusted associates to engage in yet another ground braking adventure.

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Television can bring the wonderful world of puppets towards a larger audience, which might otherwise never have a chance to be exposed to the art of Puppetry and Theater. Bernd Ogrodnik has created and operated Puppets for a variety of commercials, TV spots and one more episode.

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Since 1986 Bernd has been searching for new ways to enhance the Art of the Puppet, often resulting in new ground-braking systems and mechanisms like featured in the movie STRINGS. He has strongly benefited from other disciplines like music and martial arts, by integrating their powerful essence into his own personal style.

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