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Puppets in Theater

Despite or maybe especially because of our time of perfect, high-tech productions for the screen, the fascination and need for life theatre is eminent.

Nothing can replace the intimacy between performer and audience and the medium of the puppet as the communicational link between them. Something extraordinary seems to take place in a successful Puppet Theater.

The audience, being initially aware of the fact that the actors are ”only” puppets, seem to sign under a silent agreement, stating: ”We believe”.  Thus they actively contribute to the process of bringing those puppets to life.

And when we feel that these fragile figures, attached to silken threads, have a heartbeat of their own – that they are able to express our deepest emotions, joys, and fears – then we experience the true magic of Puppet Theater.

Our Own Productions:

2020: The Puppet Master
2006: Metamorphosis
2017: The Jungle Book
2016: The Icelandic Elephant
2013: Aladdin
2012: The Old Man and the Sea
2011: Gilitrutt – The Troll and the Raven

2007: Peter and the Wolf
2000: Gryla’s Pancake
Clever You Are – Alfie Atkins

Other Theater Productions

  • Vancouver Opera – The Magic Flute
  • The Icelandic Opera – The Magic Flute
  • The International Theatre of Iceland – Ballið á Bessastöðum
  • The International Theatre of Iceland – The Pillow Man
  • The International Theatre of Iceland – Fools and Princesses
  • The Reykjavik City Theatre – Ronja The Robber´s daughter
  • The Theatre of Akureyri – Little Shop of Horrors

Introduction to Puppet Mastery with Bernd Ogrodnik

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