Worlds of Puppets

Location: The National Theater of Iceland


In 2003 Bernd was asked to become the Chief Puppeteer for the movie epic “Strings”, by Danish director Anders Klarund. Produced in Denmark with an international team of specialists, “Strings” became a landmark in the world of Puppet movies, using marionettes in a scope never before attempted.

Ogrodnik managed to design a kind of Puppet with a body and control technique that enabled the puppets to do all the unusual actions asked for in the script. The elaborate marionettes were diving into water, climbing mountains, and waging fierce battles.

After designing the technical aspect of the puppets, and supervising the building process, he then trained and supervised a team of fifteen puppeteers from all around the world in letting the puppets move through the elaborate sets as if they had a life of their own.

Many years in the making the movie won accolades, especially from the Puppetry and Art community. Among other awards it received the….”Best European Phantasy Film award”.