Worlds of Puppets by Bernd Ogrodnik

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2013: Aladdin

The show of Aladdin is a true bliss for our senses. The beautiful puppets, colorful costumes, wonderful music, and rhythmic lyrics, are all combined in a strong experience for the audience.

The story of Aladdin and the magical lamp originates in the ancient collection of stories called “One thousand and one Arabian nights” which is a collection of stories first written down over thousand years ago, in a time when Bagdad and the Middle East were at it´s cultural peak.

Presented to us through images of war in the evening news and corrupted by the ideology of politics and religions on both ends, we can easily forget that this region is considered the birthplace of our civilisation.

Our performance of Aladdin is our tribute to this region of our magnificent planet, which seems so far away, not only in distance, but also in cultural heritage and understanding. We fear and easily judge what we don’t know and understand, but the heart opens quickly once given a chance to truly listen to the heartbeat of our fellow men.

We invite you on a journey to ancient Bagdad in the Middle East.