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2016: The Icelandic Elephant

I wrote this play in a time when an estimated 30 million refugee children were escaping war and famine in their home country. The fable (= a story told entirely by humanized characters from the animal kingdom) depicts the adventures of a brave and curious little elephant who travels all the way from Africa to Iceland in search of abundant and clean water.

It is a humorous story told without pathos and lecturing and depicts the rewards of determination and stepping into the unknown, the dangers lurking on the way, and the value of friendship and compassion for our happiness and physical survival. It also brings forth a deep appreciation for our home-land and its inhabitants and contemplates the opportunities, responsibilities, and choices offered to anyone living on this island.

It is the powerful imagery of the metaphorical quality of puppetry which has a special way of addressing such topics and makes them accessible especially for younger audiences. Who would not like to have a strong elephant friend by his side to share and better understand the adventurous life on a small Island called Iceland?